Lessons Learned on the Ice Roads of Alaska

If you’ve seen the Discovery Channel Series “Ice Road Truckers,” which is filmed on location in Alaska, then you can likely imagine that up there, in those conditions, you wouldn’t want to stop for anything, not a herd of reindeer, not a polar bear, not a blizzard.

And certainly not an oil change.

Alaska is just one place where Bennett Group International’s client, Onboard Oil Services, is putting a radically new technology to the test. Onboard is a new company that has developed proprietary technology that refines and filters motor oil on buses, trucks and generators, increasing oil change intervals and saving thousands of dollars. Already, trucks up there using Onboard have racked up 80,000 miles without an oil change and are still going strong. On the other end of the world in Santiago, Chile, Onboard has its units working taking people to work, on mass-transit buses. An ideal application for the product is large-scale stationary generators which supply power to buildings, refineries, even cities. BGI is also introducing Onboard into government markets at the state and local level.

Onboard is looking forward to the road ahead.

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